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  1. I have some fabulous news! I have been chosen as one of Netmum’s Favourite classes for things to do in Wiltshire.

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of this achievement, as a working mum one of my main aims was to cater for other mums and help them to spread the happiness I once gained from my own mother’s baking and cake decorating. Now I really am with my classes reaching people from all over the UK and especially in Wiltshire.

    If you are looking to learn how to decorate a cake or even cupcakes then my classes are here to tech you the skills you will need. We are the best cupcake class provider in Swindon and pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate not only beginner’s skills but advanced too.

    All cake decorating classes are held in our purpose built studio to make learning relaxed and welcoming. We provide all materials and refreshments for each class and all each student needs to bring is a snack for lunch.

    Award winning author Shelly Baker will guide you through each and every step of icing a cake or cupcake from start to finish. Learn how to ice a cake in minutes and achieve a professional finish.

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  2. shellys book pic 1

    Spring is finally on its way and I have some exciting news for you. I have my first book on sale in all major book stores and even on Amazon!

    Last year I managed to juggle moving home with writing my first book and with the support of my publishers it’s been a huge hit and I’m so incredibly proud of it. The book is available in many stores at the moment and is on world wide release from 30th April and available in all countries from then.

    When writing the book I wanted to ensure that the skills were all broken down into manageable chunks and even the most detailed designs would be doable for complete beginners. From the baking of the cake through to the finishing touches I guide you through every step.

    With many different occasions catered for it will soon become your go to book for celebration cakes and cupcakes.

  3. Happy New year to you all!

    The Christmas period has been crazy busy here it seems like just yesterday I was planning all of the tutorials for classes and the online school for the festive season and yet here I am planning the new tutorials for 2014.

    I have taken a well-earned break for a few weeks as 2013 was a beyond busy year for us. We moved home right in the middle of me writing my first book. Our children all started new schools when we moved and our idle child had his first day in reception and our daughter in preschool.

    I think choosing to do all of this in one go took its toll as yet again I found myself with several chest infections throughout the year and finally in November I ended up with pneumonia for the second time in just 12mths. It hit me for six so I promised myself I would take a long awaited break and recuperate before getting back in the saddle for 2014.

    Flash forward to now and here I am refreshed and feeling much better. I’m ready to tackle 2014 head on with many plans and ideas I have had whilst supposedly resting up. Those of you who know me well will know I find it impossible to sit still for long and I’m always itching to get on with one task or another. I even sleep with the IPad by the bed so I can scrawl notes at 3am when those ideas pop into my head.  

    So what do I have planned for 2014? Well that is a big question to answer in one blog. Instead I will show you over the next 12mths. It will be fun, creative and educational too. If you are a hobby baker or someone looking to start working from home I will have advice and inspiration for you all. I hope to speak with you all over the next year, please do stop by and comment on my blog or email me at I would love to know what you would like to see at Mrs Baker’s Cake School in 2014. Tonight I shall be scheduling lots of tutorials for as soon as the children go back to school next week. I have some exciting projects planned too and my book is due for release on 15th February!

    I will be releasing details about my book shortly so you can pre-order it and secure your own copy.

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