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 Larry the lion by mrs bakers cakes
 Larry The Lion
larry equipment

To make Larry the lion you will need

Black powdered colour

2 Paintbrushes - around the size of a felt tip pen nib.

The dipping solution - or any clear alcohol

Fondant in 2 shades of brown and some in white

Paint palette

Edible glue

Rolling pin

Circle cutters in 8.5cm and 4cm sizes

Veiner tool

Cocktail stick

Cupcake and buttercream

 larry photo1 Using an ordinary dinner knife or spatula cover the top of your cupcake with buttercream. Wipe any excess from the edges to give you a neat finish.
larry photo 2

Using the largest circle cutter, cut out a circle from the lighter shade of brown fondant.

To cut the circle push down with the cutter on the fondant and twist to give a nice sharp edge.

 Larry photo 3 Place the circle over the top of the cupcake and gently smooth down the edges.
larry photo 4 Cut a second large circle from the darker coloured fondant and then using the smaller circle cutter, remove the centre of the circle. This will then be the mane for the lion.
larry photo 5 Using one of your brushes, add some edible glue to the back of the second circle and attach to the top of the cupcake and gently smooth both the outer and inner edge to blend the two together.
larry photo 6

Using the veiner tool,carve lines in the fondant sweeping out from the inner edge of the mane.

Do this both lightly and firmly to give plenty of texture to the mane.

If you go over the same area twice you can create a realistic look to the fur.

This should take you around 5 minutes to do properly.

larry photo 7

As you can see the longer you spend on the mane the better it looks.

Notice the difference in length of the fur, this is done by going over some areas repetitively.

larry photo 8

Take 2 small marble sized balls of the darker brown paste.

Using the pad of your finger tip push the balls flat until they look like the lower half of this photo. They should be the size of a 20p each.

Add a touch of glue 2/3rds of the way down the face on either side. Attach the cheeks to the face and smooth over gently with your finger tip.

larry photo 10 The face should then look like this.
larry photo 11

Take 2 pea sized balls of white fondant and using the tip of your finger press down then push forward , this will give the shape some length ready to become eyes.

Then attach them to the face using edible glue on the back. position them just above the cheeks and make the eyes meet in the middle. Leaving just a small gap where the nose will be.

larry photo 12

Take a piece of brown fondant in either shade. You want half a pea sized amount.

Roll the fondant into a small ball then using your thumb and first finger gently pinch one side of the ball to give it a nice rounded triangle shape.

Add some glue to the back of the nose and then attach to the face in the centre between the eyes and just above the cheeks.

 larry photo 13 Once the eyes and nose are glued in place using the tip of the cocktail stick poke lots of holes on the cheeks. 
 larry photo 14

In the paint pallette mix a tiny ammount of the powdered colour and 2/3 drops of dipping solution or vodka. 

Blend the powder and alcohol until it becomes a smooth paint.

larry photo 15

Using your other paintbrush , load your brush and carefully paint the whole nose black.

Paint the top half of both eyes and angle downwards on the outer edge as shown in the photo.

Add a pair of eyebrows and some whiskers.

 larry photo 16

Next take the tiniest pinch of white paste and split it into two. You can see from the photo that these 2 balls are very tiny. 

pop a tiny bit of glue on the back of each ball and attach to the eyes to give the illusion of light hitting the eyes, This helps bring your character to life.

larry photo 17 This is how your finished version of Larry the lion should look. Ready for any jungle party!


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