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I get asked time and time again by new students if they need any experience before attending my classes. The answer is a definitive no!  I have students from all walks of life who come to my classes for many reasons. Some because they are interested in decorating cakes for a living and others because they feel they need to try something new.

Shabby chic cupcake class in Swindon by Mrs Baker's Cakes

In almost all circumstances the student has no previous experience and starts out needing every bit of knowledge possible. Many comment how they can bake, but it is the decorating they struggle with and need help learning, which is great, as my classes are generally all based around decorating the cakes. This ensures that during each class we get every minute dedicated to learning the right skills until the student has perfected it.

making a rose cupcake by Mrs Baker's Cakes in our beginners classes.

Just this weekend I had a repeat class with a lovely student called Hayley. She has previously attended my Shabby Chic class but until then had no previous experience with cake decorating.  As you can see her cakes are amazing and she has really nailed the decorating side of things.

pancake montage

Pancake classes now available!

I have some great classes coming up in the next few months, from Shabby chic cupcakes to Floral cakes and even a few novelty classes. Take your pick and book yourself a great day out. I can promise you that you will surprise yourself with how simple it really is when you are taught by myself.

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