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Sometimes being self-employed, you find yourself drifting off when trying to work. Staying motivated is hard as you don’t have colleagues to nudge you and get you on track again when you hit a wall with ideas or tasks.

Today I decided the studio was looking a little plain and needed more inspiring prints on the wall to not only keep me on track in the working week but also to help students see what they can achieve during a class here.

So for the first time ever I set out to hang some pictures, anyone who knows me will know this isn’t my best skill. I’m more of a supervisor when it comes to DIY. Mr Baker says I’m the best supervisor in the west. A little part of me still takes that as a compliment.

Now I have 4 of my cakes hung on the wall to get me started and I think I managed a good job of it. Whilst it might not have been the most productive morning business wise I do hope it will inspire me the next time my mind wanders when I should be working.

brightening up the office at mrs bakers cakes

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