Learn how to make DIY themed cupcakes for Father's Day.

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Men can be pains to buy for so why not make some DIY themed cupcakes for him instead.

These cupcakes are not only ideal for Father's day but they work great for a DIY themed cake display too. See the photo at the bottom of the tutorial for some ideas on how to display them.

dad cupcake 6

dad cupcake 1

To make these DIY themed cupcakes you will need the following. 
3 cupcakes iced with fondant
Small plate or paint palette
Thin paintbrush
Clear alcohol
Sharp knife
Brown fondant 
CMC or Tylo powder
Silver lustre dust
Veiner tool 
Rolling pin 
The smallest, plain hole piping tip you have. Mine is a Wilton #1

You will also need edible glue and a small brush.

dad cupcake 2

First add some CMC powder or Tylo to your fondant to turn the fondant into modelling paste. The ratio for this is 1tsp per 250g of fondant. However if you are using less, adjust this accordingly. 
Now roll out the paste until it is approximately 3mm thick. Use the sharp knife to cut small rectangles to make the letters. Remember the size of the cupcakes as you do this, as you won’t have long to rectify mistakes once the paste starts to harden. 

dad cupcake 3

Once you have cut the strips of paste position them as they will be once finished to check the sizing and layout. Once you are happy with how it looks you can move on to the next step. Separate the strips and lay them flat so they dry straight.

dad cupcake 4

To make the grain effect on the wood strips use the very tip of the veiner tool. Make small sweeping lines in the fondant. Think about how the grain on wood looks and try to make it look similar. If you are unsure Google wood grain and you will find lots of photo’s to help you. 
Once you have done the wood grain use the very tip of the piping nozzle to make a circle at each end of the wood. Try to keep this random and not in the same position on each piece of wood so that it looks realistic. 
Continue this on all of the pieces of wood until they are finished then leave them to dry for 20 minutes. 

dad cupcake 5

Once the wood strips are dry, mix a tiny amount of the silver lustre dust with a drop of alcohol and mix it well to form paint. Use the paintbrush to carefully paint the circles on each section of the wood. This will give a nail or screw effect and will dry really quickly. 
Once the paint is dry glue the wood pieces together as letters and leave to dry for 15 minutes. 

D.I.Y. cake set

dad cupcake 6

I really hope you like these cupcakes and have enjoyed this tutorial. Please share with your friends and let me know how you get on, I love to see photo's of the cakes you make. 

However you celebrate Father's day, enjoy yourselves. 




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