How to make snake scales on a fondant snake

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Learn how to give a fondant snake a realistic texture 


A few years ago I made this snake cake and I have often een asked how I achieved such a realistic finish to the skin on the snake. It's really simply I used the netting you get around thigs like onions in the supermarket. I simply removed it from the onions and popped it in a bowl of boiling water to sanitise it and then when making the snake I rolled it in the netting to create a regular scale pattern. 


One thing I've learnt over the many years I've been teaching cake decorating is to keep things simple, you'll get a much better finish if you aren't trying to make things fully lifelike. There are lots of artists out there who can make everything look like the real object or person but it's very hard to get to that level. Instead find a level that suits you and perfect your work at that level so they then stand out on their own. 

The colouring on the snake was achieved with using a peach toned fondant and texturising with the neting before then finally dusting with a pink shimmer powder to both give you a depth to the shimmer and highlight those scales. This was a specific type of snake the client wanted but you could use the same principles with all snakes. On a green one a dusting of bronze shimmer would add the earthy tones you'd be looking for. 

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