Our first experience of competitive cake designing.

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Roast Beef Cake

the start of my competitive cake career. I have never even thought of entering a competition before. To be honest the very thought of it terrified me. When I attended Cake International last year I noticed how much fun all the competitors seemed to be having and how it didn't come across like most competitions. All the lovely people who had joined in were rooting for not only their creations but each other's too. So I decided there and then I wanted in on the fun. The next 12 months proved to be incredibly busy for us so the competition slipped to the back of my mind. With a nudge from Mamma Jamma Cakes I realised it was finally the closing date for entries into the competition. Several calls and a few hours working out how to use my scanner to send in forms and I was registered.

With no idea of what I should make it proved to be a hectic 2 weeks until the competition. I spent days pondering my subject choice then It hit me , everyone loves a Sunday roast. I then spent a week googling for photo's of Roast beef so I could portray it as accurately as possible. You wouldn't belive how different everyone's Sunday dinner is.

Finally I finished the cake and on Friday I delivered it to the NEC in Birmingham. The show was huge and the class had lots of entries. I was incredibly nervous and so many of the cakes were outstanding. I was told they would be judged on the Friday and I went off to spend lots of money on the supply stands. A long 6 hours later the judges removed the ribbons signalling they were finished , I felt sick with nerves and convinced I would never have a chance with all the talented people who had entered. 20 minutes passed, finally the judges placed the winning cakes and there it was a bronze award , for me! I couldn't believe it at first in fact it took the drive home to let it sink in. I walked in the door at home and it clicked " I won a bronze medal!" I said to my husband and from then on in I haven't stopped grinning.

I haven't been home for 24 hours since collecting my award and already I have spent today working on ideas for my next competition. I had some great news too Cake International have a new show starting in June next year to be held in London. I have already marked some space in the diary so I can enter the competitions. I think this could be my new hobby. It certainly does get you hooked I might even attempt 2 entries next time. See I told you I'm hooked!

If you are thinking of entering go for it, I promise you it will be great fun and you never know you too could come home with an award.

Mrs Baker with award winning cake

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