Facebook Likes - Are they worth the effort?

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How do I get more *Likes* on Facebook or twitter?

This is a question I am asked a lot. So I figured this would be a great blog topic.

Whether you are a new business, or established and just venturing onto social networking sites, the principles are the same. Don’t look at likes as something which will get you somewhere. Many people on these sites are there trying to gain more of them for themselves so will do all they can. It’s a myth that the more likes you have the better your business. In fact in a lot of cases it just means that person has spent a lot of time gaining them through tagging games and pages dedicated solely to getting likes.

What you need to remember is you are a business. Your overall aim is to make money. This won’t happen sooner because you have a zillion likes on your page. It will happen because you got your name out there to the RIGHT PEOPLE in the RIGHT PLACES.

Consider your product, be it cakes or tiaras the rules are the same. Associate yourself with people who are your target market. What you want is a page full of people who either admire what you do or want to purchase your products. If you want to start networking, look at small business pages on Facebook and twitter. There are many mums in business pages or small networking ones. Go and introduce yourself, say where you’re from and what you can do. Don’t post as yourself, log into your business page and use your business as a persona. Start making friends as your business. People will remember your logo and name and soon you will find them spreading the word for you.

 Do something interesting. You know what it’s like you pop onto Facebook or twitter and scroll through the millions of posts. When do you take notice? When you see something unusual or eye catching. For myself when I have wanted to spread the word I have posted photos of some of my more unique cakes. This gets people talking about you and sharing your posts. This will be what raises your profile not a tagging session.

Whilst the games are fun and nice to do occasionally, it’s best to be known for your business purpose not the number of fans you have. This will be what fills your bank account and makes your business a success. This is not to say that tagging businesses isn't a good thing. When done for the right reason, this is a great way to show you admire another business.

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Shelly x

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