Make Cake..... Not War!

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I’ve been absent from blogging for a few weeks as things have been really hectic here. However having spent the last few days catching up with the online cake world I just had to address something.

Having only been in the cake world since late 2009 I still consider me a baby in cake terms. I still have so much to learn and I love soaking up all the new things I can. I love sharing ideas with fellow cake makers and supporting them with their businesses. When things are going great I love nothing more than saying well done and if times are hard I try and give some support in whatever way I can.

It seems not the entire cake world is like this though. In just the last few weeks I have seen public spats over things, rude comments on social networking pages, underhand practices like stealing photos and so much more.

It’s great that we have the internet to help us in our businesses or even hobbies. However I do feel it can often add fuel to fires which would most definitely never arise without the social media sites. Before the internet became what it is, cake enthusiasts would buy books, go on college courses and learn at a much slower pace. Today everything is at the tip of your fingers, everyone is hungry for more and it seems to send some over the edge. No longer are they worrying about how to pipe the latest trend of cupcakes. The need to be better, bigger, more popular than others becomes their main aim.

It’s worrying how quick some forget they are in business and these social networking sites are quite often their virtual shop front. How you conduct yourself online reflects on your business and vice versa. So when these spats arise don’t take the bait and join in, rise above it and think not of those involved but of your business, livelihood and reputation. After all everyone will remember them for how they conducted themselves. Consumers vote with their feet and also tell others if they have come across something they don’t like. These people will cause their own fall you don’t need to worry.

To give a contrast I have met hundreds, no correction thousands of wonderful people in the cake world some of who I consider my dearest of friends and who I would trust my life secrets with.  I first started out just after losing my dear mum and I found comfort from those who didn’t know me at all but who took me in and shared their skills, help and support when I needed it the most. 

Please don’t witness the odd break outs of insanity amongst the bakers and feel we’re all like it as we aren’t. We do get a little giddy on the over load of icing sugar occasionally, but it usually results in us having giggling fits over our own personal baking disasters.

I will share a secret with you now. I frequent a lovely group called Shop Bakers Nook – Baking advice group on Facebook. It’s a lovely community and they have a great respect for each other and support you no matter where you are on your journey with cakes. The key is to just join in.

You are also free to come and ask questions and make friends over on my Facebook page Mrs Baker’s Cakes.  If I can’t help you personally I’m sure one of my lovely fans will.

So my lovely bakers. Make Cake, Not War!


P.S. Just a quick note to add that Shop Bakers Nook- Baking advice group is not where any of this negativity has been witnessed. It's a safe and respectful place.

Until next time

Shelly xx

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  1. nicola haines

    well said keep up the great work

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  2. Sugar & Lace

    How level headed & refreshing your blog is to read. Well are an inspiration. And all credits to your name & business well deserved. J x

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  3. Mama Rhu

    Well said Mrs Baker, it never ceases to amaze me how it all starts and then gets so out of hand so quickly. It is a sad element of the caking world that this happens and I too have an amazing group of caking friends who support each other with their success and disasters. As you said everyone is on the caking venture on a different part of the path and from different background, some are bakers and make the most delicious cakes and others are more art and design based so decoration is their strength. Some will excel and others will find it more of a struggle, we can't all be good at everything but in trying things out and being brave enough to share it with the big wide world we will learn what we can do and what we can improve. But all efforts no matter the outcome should be applauded at least they have had a go. Happy Baking Mama Rhu x

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  4. Sada Ray

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Great article. Its very easy to fixate on the bad stuff going on. Instead concentrate on the wonderful sharing going on. Act honorably!

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  5. Tracy Alexnder

    Great blog Shelly, happy to give it a share or two ;) love ya

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  6. Cathy Arnold

    I, too, am a member of the ShopBaker'sNook group on Facebook, and would like to say you won't find a friendlier, more helpful group of "cakies" anywhere. My opinion on the "spats" issue is that we should all strive to be like our cakes, sweet, beautiful inside, and tender. There is not enough room in the world for a bunch of haters.

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  7. audrey

    well said shelly!in this job we do,we give so much energy...we just need a thank you! regards audrey

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