How to make flat cupcakes.

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Good Morning,

I am back from my holiday rested and raring to go. I have had so many emails since I’ve been away and one question which is being asked constantly is, “how do you get such uniform results with your cupcakes?”

Well to share my top tip I have taken a photo for you. I like my cupcakes to be flat when working on them so I use an Ice cream scoop.

How to get flat cupcakes

As you can see I scoop the batter into the scoop and before I turn the scoop horizontal I scrape away the excess and leave a small crescent of the scoop empty. I have used a chocolate batter in the hope it shows this easier for you.

The scoop is basically filled to 2/3 full. The second part of my technique is to bake longer. I bake all my cakes and cupcakes on 140c a much lower temperature and for a longer time. My cupcakes, which are large, take 26minutes exactly to bake perfectly.  

Of course you will need to trial these techniques with your own recipe and oven as each oven is different and every recipe reacts slightly differently. For example I bake in a fan oven so it has a constant heat yet I know there is a slightly cooler area in the back left side of the oven so I keep my cupcakes to the front of the shelf to combat this.

I would trial this technique and keep an eye on your cupcakes when baking for longer. Perhaps take some out at 25 minutes and some at 26 and some at 23 you will get a good average then and will be able to see which ones are baked perfectly and if it has any effect on the longevity of the cakes. Some recipes don’t react well to longer baking.

Again with the scoop it will all depend on the size of your scoop, each brand seems to be different.

I hope this helps and please do let me know how you get on.

Until next time

Shelly x

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  1. Ruth

    Oooo that is so useful thank you! I'm making some cupcakes this weekend that are to be covered with poured fondant and the trial ones I did were ok, but will definately benefit from flatter tops. Perfect timing this, thanks!

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