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The rain was lashing down; I was exhausted after the morning rush with the children. So imagine my excitement when Craft Seller magazine landed on my doorstep. It’s a great magazine for those looking to start a business or work at selling their crafts successfully.

I have been an avid subscriber since last summer when I embarked on planning the cake school. Always filled with support from other suppliers in many different fields it’s great for getting ideas. Who would have thought a lady selling handmade aprons, could give me ideas on promoting an online school. It’s all in how you read the articles. Think of how you can apply each of the ideas to your business no matter what your craft is. You never know where it may lead.

This issue is more exciting than most. I get to turn the pages and find myself looking right back at me. Yes you heard right I am in this issue myself. This article gave a brief outline of what the cake school is about. How I got started and where things are going. It’s great to see my business in print. I felt very proud.


I have been published in many different publications and you would think I would be used to it by now, but I get so excited to see it ‘in real life’.

This month’s issue is filled with the usual helpful advice, ideas and projects to help you with your craft business. It’s great for reading about how other approach craft and food fairs. The projects are always great fun and very appealing so will sell well.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of Craft Seller yet you really are missing out. With so many magazines aimed at total beginners, it’s great to find one aimed at selling the products you make.

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