Being self employed in the summer holidays.

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Working through the summer break.

Working for yourself can be incredibly hard when the sun is shining, but that coupled with the children being on school holidays and you don’t stand much chance of being productive for the next 2 months.

I have had so many emails this week asking how I cope in the summer. In short I don’t I have 3 small children all aged 6 and under and we are currently trying to sell our home too. My days are filled with “Tidy your toys away when you’re finished” and “We will go to the park when Mummy is finished working” It’s like being set an impossible puzzle.

Some tips I can share is be organised, if you can plan in some work and some fun each day the days do seem to go smoother. If your children are old enough to understand tell them what the plan for each day is. This will save you getting the obligatory “Are you finished yet Mum?”  Every two minutes.

If your children are younger I find if you break the days into 3 it helps. Let them do something fun in the morning which will wear them out like the park and feeding the ducks etc. Then come home and you will find they will be happy to play with their toys whilst you get some work done and deal with lunch etc. Then always finish off the day with some fun time. It helps them see you will stop work totally to be with them and I find it causes less interruptions when I do need to work as they are satisfied they have had enough of your time.

I find myself working in the evenings mostly so as to not have to put the children off all the time when they need my attention. Sometimes though, you just have to get things done in the day don’t you.

I am by no means an expert and those who know me well will know some days I spend most of it in despair at all three children constantly needing my attention and several cakes which need my attention too, it’s a crazy life sometimes.

The best thing you can do is plan your week ahead. Look at when you can do things and fit it round the children. Remember this is one of the only times in the year we get the children all to ourselves though so take some time out. You will find it helps you relax and work well once you are refreshed too.

Best of luck for the summer, I hope it’s a good one for you.

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