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On Thursday last week an exciting package arrived at my door. A sample of the latest innovation for cake makers, in fact not one but two!

The new Cakes Away is a purpose built box which you can fill with 6 cupcakes to post almost anywhere and the packaging allows them to arrive in perfect condition. Now I haven’t actually used mine to post any yet as I will be sending out some special cupcakes in the box this week but to try it out I popped in 6 cupcakes I’d made this weekend and played catch with the box around the house with the children. They had great fun and we even tried rolling it down the stairs. To my amazement I opened the box to reveal the cupcakes looking virtually untouched. The only mark on them was on the domed cupcake and this would be a style I would alter by just a couple of millimetres so this wouldn’t happen again. I’d rolled the fondant out thicker than usual as I was demonstrating a design to a student.

cakes away test photo

I have to say the packaging is genius and I would recommend them to everyone. I had my reservations as I do cover the case edges with fondant not just the top. So I presumed this would fail miserably but I will admit I was completely wrong. The dome has a lip so the capped tops of my cupcakes sat neatly within that area and even the domed ones when made in my usual way would fit perfectly.

The boxes are made by Card Cuts and the second product is too.

The naked Baking Cases are brilliant. You no longer need a muffin tin to bake in you simple arrange the cases on a flat baking tray to transport them into the oven.

Now these I will admit I laughed at the idea, surely this can’t be right? Cases I can just stick on a tray fill and bake with. I decided to take on the challenge to prove these as nonsense. I was baking cupcakes for my class on Saturday night and I decided it’d be a great time to put them to the test. I always use my trusty CPW Stockport cases which I have used for years with no peelers, no fading and I have to say I think I have a little crush on them as they are so wonderful.

no tray cases

I put the two cases head to head I filled them both with identical amounts of batter and popped the tray in the oven, so I could be sure I used 6 of the cases and the results were amazing. I use vegetable oil in my recipe for my vanilla cupcakes and I expected these to fade or have grease marks but they were whiter than the CPW ones and they stood the test and were the same shape as they were when they entered the oven. The CPW ones had flared on the tray and as you can see from the photos, the difference is huge.

The next photo shows the CPW regular baked case used with a muffin tin and a Card Cuts case next to it baked on the flat tray. The results are brilliant I shall be now using these for all my classes as they are ideal and I can save so much time in my class prep. I shall be recommending them to students too as I am always inundated with emails asking where to buy the perfect baking tins. I can finally say to them all, to just use a flat tray which they will most certainly already have in their kitchen. There is no longer a need to buy extra equipment.

I have not been asked to blog about this product and my opinions given are genuine and based on my own experiences. I will not endorse any product I do not personally use or think is ideal for my students.

Find these products and their other fantastic solutions for cake makers at

Please remember to let them know where you found out about their product.

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  1. James

    Hi all, I have got your blog after searching blog for cake bakers and have read your post, all is fine till now. :) I am using this type of cupcake boxes from last year and have found them really good, I have got them from and one more thing which I consider here to inform you that I got Free designing and free shipping services with best quality paper and printing material.

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  2. Fariha

    Hi, I was just wondering if this packaging would protect the cupcakes if the box was to be moved around if posted and if the box turned upside whether the cupcakes would be ruined due to this? Many thanks Fariha Hi Fariha, great question. Well we threw the box up and down the cakes were upside down and shaken lots and they were fine.

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  3. Helen Palmer

    Hello, Thank you so much for this review! We really appreciate independent reviews on our products. So far we have only had positive comments except for one person who did not use the cases we provided :) All The Best, Helen

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