A Flipping Good Cake

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pancake montage

Cakes can cause all manner of feelings from a cute new baby cake which makes you feel all broody, to a gruesome zombie cake which turns your stomach and makes you nervous of tucking in.
This cake has me craving one of my favourite treats, pancakes. From the moment I’d created this cake I had the urge to get more ingredients out and make a real stack of pancakes.
For many people pancakes are either a once a year treat on Shrove Tuesday or a breakfast treat to be enjoyed with maple syrup or sometimes even bacon. Whatever your preference this cake can be tailored to suit your tastes.
This tutorial is ideal for students of all levels and its simple design lends itself to being a great last minute cake or an addition to cupcakes and dessert tables.
This tutorial is now live on the school ready for you to enjoy and requires, as always, minimal tools and equipment.

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