A Father's day cupcake the children can make themselves.

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This cupcake is sure to make any Dad smile this Father’s Day.

To make this cupcake you will need.
1 cupcake,
Sugarpaste, in 3 different colours of your choice
Tylo or CMC powder,
A circle cutter slightly bigger than your cupcake,
Letter cutters – I have used groovy clickstix
PME star plunger cutter.


First smooth the buttercream across the top of the cupcake to give it an even base for the sugarpaste.

Then roll out the sugar paste and cut a circle using the cutter. Place the circle over the top of the cupcake and gently smooth it down at the edges.

Now add half a pea sized amount of the Tylo or CMC powder to each of the other two colours. Knead it into the sugar paste until it is fully incorporated.

Then roll out both colours until they are 2mm thick. Cut the letters using the clickstix. When you press the cutter into the fondant leave the letter to dry for 5 minutes before you try to remove them. This will enable them to start to harden and they will pop out much easier. If you still have difficulties leave the letter to harden fully, this usually takes around 20 minutes.

Once you have all the letters made arrange them on the top of the cupcake and attach using a small brush of water to the reverse of each letter.

Now cut out stars from your other sugarpaste colour and let them dry a little before attaching them to the cupcake around the words. You can use a little brush of water to the back of each star to attach them.

*Top Tip*
The Tylo powder helps the sugar paste to harden when making models and you would normally use 1tsp per 250g of sugar paste. In this tutorial we have used a very small amount so that the shapes don’t fully harden, but they are easier to remove from the delicate cutters you are using.

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