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  1. As I sit here typing I will be thinking up new and exciting ideas for cakes. It seems to be subconscious now, I can dream up cake designs in my sleep and wake and sketch them out. I’m sure I’m not alone. With so many talented cake makers out there it seems so easy now to browse the internet for inspiration and to pick up new skills. I myself try and take inspiration from everyday life. I look at what my children are into, what the seasons are doing and I take it from there. It’s an ideal way to come up with more unique ideas. I find looking online at cakes just means you somehow make a cake which is a combination of many different cakes you have seen. Which is still ok but I never feel I’m quite there when I do that.

    I love food so making cakes which have something to do with every day food is a huge passion of mine. Just the way it plays with your mind and makes you wonder if it’s real or not is great. As most people will know I made a roast dinner cake a while back. It was a full joint of roast beef, all the trimmings and it really did have people asking if it was a cake. It was great fun.

    All my fun came to an end recently though as I had to throw good old ‘Roasty’ out. We are getting ready to sell our home so I had a huge clear out and he just didn’t make the cut. I have grown attached to ‘Roasty’ over the months and even though he was just a show piece he was like part of the family. As perfect as the day he was made even his peas still sparkled in the light. The thought of seeing him all crushed at the tip was too much to bare. So I took out my brown tape and carefully taped the box up so it couldn’t open on decent into the big bin.

    I spent the journey to the tip wondering if there was a place in the house I could hide ‘Roasty’, he had become part of the family now. Like a 4th child. Family members had come to see the new addition, everyone taking photos and cooing over it. How could I throw it away?

    Then the time came, we arrived at the tip. Cradling the cake I stepped out of the car, it was windy, cloudy and about as miserable as I was. I stood holding the cake, not quite ready to let go. Just one moment more, I remembered all the hard work I’d put in. All the careful driving up to Birmingham to the NEC worried the peas would somehow roll off.  The time had come to say goodbye. I had never really seen my cakes after I’d finished them before. They are usually collected by clients or taken by students. Even when making them for family I leave the room when they are cut. Now I was about to throw my favourite cake into a huge bin with a ton of junk.

    Ok deep breath and WOOSH! Down it went with a bit of a thud. It was gone and do you know what? I didn’t feel sad instead my first thought was “So, what shall I make next?” It seems ‘Roasty’ wasn’t like part of the family at all. I had moved to my next project already and on returning to the car I found the children laughing and giggling making jokes about cakes going splat. I turned to them and asked “so what shall I make next?”  Excitedly they started throwing numerous ideas at me, hoping one of them I would make. Of course the ideas from a 6, 3 and 2yr old aren’t always ideal. Everything seemed to have a chicken involved somehow. So watch this space, I have space in the house for a new favourite cake and a head full of ideas from three little helpers. It can only be a matter of time before ‘Monkey Chicken’ becomes a reality!