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  1. Good morning everyone, I have something really exciting to share with you today. Just a few days ago I heard about this great new product which will hopefully bring back some sparkle to all of our cakes. Yes you got it, edible glitter is back!

    Just yesterday I had my first play with the glitter to see what it was like in comparison to my old glitter. Whilst it’s not holographic like the old glitter it really is pretty and sparkles like crystals. I took a bit of getting used to it as it made up of larger grains than before but I think it helps it stand out more.


    I have tried every single colour and they all perform equally as well as each other although I have to say as it was with the old glitters, I love the white one the most. It has a snow like glisten to it which will go with anything. I would say the white is a must have for anyone.

    I love the colours and there is a great range to choose from. Yellow, green, gold and silver there really is something for every design. I found it hard to think of a project as I wanted to get stuck in and use them all.

    I have decided on something spooky and creepy to mark the start of my Halloween planning. I have made a FREE witches cauldron tutorial for you to try. In this video I used several of the glitters and I think you’ll agree they really make the witches brew stand out.

    The edible glitters are available from The Bakers shop and they have a full stock of all colours available now.

    It’s time to sparkle again bakers, what are you waiting for?

    Please take the time to share this blog and tutorial with your friends.

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