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  1. I can’t quite remember how I ever stumbled upon Cakeory. I just know that it was something which really helped to transform my business from an occasional odd order to doing 3-4 events per week. As I'm sure you will know advertising is important for generating new clients and building a brand for your business.

    I had tried the usual advert in the shop window, poster on the school notice board and getting friends to spread the word and it did work to an extent, but when I decided to build a website so I could show off my work and entice new customers I was stumped as to how to advertise. Unless you have copious amounts of cash to spend on search engine optimisation it is incredibly hard to get to the first page for cakes on Google. This is where I found Cakeory great they are optimised to rank on page one of Google on most searches relating to cakes. So in theory they do all the hard work for you and save you a huge wedge of cash you’d normally have to spend on getting a geeky type to put some waffle into the right places on your site to make you rank well.

    From the first contact with Cakeory I was surprised at the great service I received from the great husband and wife team who run it. Lindsay and Derek have a huge amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to making a listing work. They gather a lot of information on you and your business and they help build a profile of you for your listing, it covers what services you offer, where you are based and even the type of cakes you can supply. It’s great for answering a lot of questions we seem to get daily from clients so it cut down a lot on my admin work. I found within a few days I was getting an increased number of calls and emails and if like me you monitor where your clients have found you, you will see how well Cakeory is working.  


    When I moved to teaching cake classes and not taking orders I moved my business to their other site called cake decorating courses. Again the service and performance has been outstanding. I love how modern and vibrant the site is,it's easy to navigate and clients can see how to contact you clearly without any issues. 

    I have been speaking to the guys at Cakeory and I have secured a 10% discount for any of you looking to take out a new advert with them. Just click on this link to be taken across to their website where you will find lots more information so you can make your own informed decision. I personally can’t fault Cakeory and I will be continuously renewing my listings with them as they work brilliantly.

    This offer is limited in numbers so if you want to take advantage of it, get in quick.

    Until next time,


    * these are my own personal opinions and I have not been paid for this blog.

  2. Hello and thank you to Mrs Baker for inviting me to be a guest blogger.  I am Trudy from JellyCake and have been making and decorating cakes since I was 17, when a project in ‘A’ Level Home Economics to make a fully iced Christmas cake had me making tracks to the local cake decorating shop for all the advice I could get.  That led to a Saturday job, 2 cake decorating courses and 24 years of cake addiction!


    Over the years, cakes were just a side line, making a variety of celebration cakes for friends, family and work colleagues, with it finally dying off completely as my work life took over.  When my daughter was born in 2005, the cake bug took off again with the thought of lots of girly birthday cakes to make, which led to more and more orders.  In spring 2009 JellyCake was born and in May I did my first fayre in my local town and sold out.  I started advertising in local shops and magazines and doing loads of school and town fayres to get my name out there.  “JellyCake” the name was born through a struggle trying to find something unique and also where the web address hadn’t already been taken!

     birdcage dessert table 1 - flickr

    The autumn of 2010 saw me at my very first Wedding Fayre.  I was unbelievably nervous and adamant that my cakes weren’t good enough.  But it was a successful day and the start of a first busy wedding season.  In 2011 JellyCake made 26 wedding cakes and by the end of 2012 I will have made nearly 60.  It’s been a mad and totally hectic summer, some weekends I have survived on very little sleep.  One in particular saw me getting 7 hours sleep between Friday morning and Sunday evening having made, delivered and set up over 350 cupcakes and 7 cakes!!  But, I love it!!


    I have to admit, no matter what anyone tells you, delivering wedding cakes is stressful and it doesn’t get any easier over time!!  I worry all the time and take a rather large deep breath only when I’m walking out of the venue with everything set up (mind you, even then I still worry I’ve forgotten to do something).  To account for my considerably slower driving while delivering cakes, I decided to have a magnetic sign made for the back of my car in an attempt to apologise for travelling at 20 mph!!  “Wedding Cakes in Transit” has definitely made a difference and drivers do seem to back off instead of hogging my boot.


    My greatest addition to my arsenal of cake paraphernalia is non slip matting.  While fiddling with a stubborn ribbon on a 2 tier cake, I wasn’t watching the cake and it’s slow but sure transit across the cake stand until it fell and I found my thumb embedded in the cake in my desperate attempt to catch it.  A few extra flowers and many apologies later the mishap was covered, however I now take some matting wherever I go.  The smallest square will secure a cake and it’s never out of my emergency bag of goodies I take to every set up!


    Thank you for reading, best wishes and happy caking!!