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  1. mp900399475

    Today is the 29th of January, you only have a few days to file your tax return in the UK for the 2011-12 tax year. Don’t forget to get yours filed online or you will be liable for a £100 fine.
    If you are like me you have most things ready but haven’t got round to typing it all in. I suggest you sit down with a large cup of tea and get it done then you can reward yourself with a cake. After all not needing to do it again for 12 months is surely something to celebrate?
    If you are new to tax returns and will be completing your first one for the 2012-2013 tax year there is a great book called “101 ways to pay less tax” It has many of the expenses you can claim for and things you would normally forget without the help of an accountant which is an added expense.
    The book is available on Amazon and in most book stores. I found my copy in the stationery store STAPLES. It’s ideal for anyone new to tax returns as it can be a daunting experience but really shouldn’t be.
    Have I reminded to you to file? Give me a wave if you nearly forgot.

  2. I am often asked how to achieve a flesh coloured fondant. It’s so easy to make the fondant the wrong colour and leave it looking like your character has spent the weekend applying fake tan or so pale they should be admitted to hospital.
    I always use Wilton Creamy Peach gel food colouring as I find it gives a fresh peach tone to the fondant. Below I have shown just how much of the gel I use to colour 300g of fondant. You really need very little and remember my rule. You can always add more so build up that colour slowly.
    I hope this helps you when you are making models or need a flesh ton on your cakes. This Wilton colour is lovely and can be used for so many different things, It’s particularly nice as a base colour for a cake with ivory accents on it, very simple but elegant.




  3. pancake montage

    Cakes can cause all manner of feelings from a cute new baby cake which makes you feel all broody, to a gruesome zombie cake which turns your stomach and makes you nervous of tucking in.
    This cake has me craving one of my favourite treats, pancakes. From the moment I’d created this cake I had the urge to get more ingredients out and make a real stack of pancakes.
    For many people pancakes are either a once a year treat on Shrove Tuesday or a breakfast treat to be enjoyed with maple syrup or sometimes even bacon. Whatever your preference this cake can be tailored to suit your tastes.
    This tutorial is ideal for students of all levels and its simple design lends itself to being a great last minute cake or an addition to cupcakes and dessert tables.
    This tutorial is now live on the school ready for you to enjoy and requires, as always, minimal tools and equipment.