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  1. Sometimes being self-employed, you find yourself drifting off when trying to work. Staying motivated is hard as you don’t have colleagues to nudge you and get you on track again when you hit a wall with ideas or tasks.

    Today I decided the studio was looking a little plain and needed more inspiring prints on the wall to not only keep me on track in the working week but also to help students see what they can achieve during a class here.

    So for the first time ever I set out to hang some pictures, anyone who knows me will know this isn’t my best skill. I’m more of a supervisor when it comes to DIY. Mr Baker says I’m the best supervisor in the west. A little part of me still takes that as a compliment.

    Now I have 4 of my cakes hung on the wall to get me started and I think I managed a good job of it. Whilst it might not have been the most productive morning business wise I do hope it will inspire me the next time my mind wanders when I should be working.

    brightening up the office at mrs bakers cakes

  2. As a baker, the days you are under pressure with deadlines and mishaps in the kitchen you would be forgiven for turning a little potty.
    Many nights are spent finishing cake orders, listening to the radio and wondering who they really play these songs for. Could it be that radio stations simply work for the cake industry from 12am onwards? Are those fast paced, fist pumping songs simply to keep us going until we collapse in a heap of icing sugar and cake crumbs, ready to finally go to bed?

    I’m sure energy drinks are another little invention for us too. I mean who hasn’t tried drinking a huge can of them and then spent the rest of the evening twitching and wide eyed, all in the effort to get those cakes finished as close to the collection time as possible.

    So for each and every one of you out there that enjoys the thrill of the challenge of making several beautiful cakes on the same day for several fabulous customers who have no idea what chaos happens before they arrive I have compiled a top three uses for your humble spatula. Have a try of them this week when completing orders I’m sure you will find them helpful, if not fun.

    mrs bakers cake school spatula of fun

    1. Gone are the days of singing into your hairbrush – now the spatula is the tool of choice for us bakers, sing it loud and sing it proud!

    2. Air guitar wouldn’t be complete without a giant pink spatula to strum! An ideal activity for once the family are safely tucked up in bed and you are unable to belt out the songs with your spatula microphone.

    3. If all else fails the innocent looking spatula will make a wonderful husband swatting tool for when he dares to say “ Hmm I think it’d look better if you did x,y,z” Let’s face it they seem to imagine that being married to us bakers means they have the kudos on cake design too. Mr Baker often thinks giving me the perfect name makes him a great baker too, let’s just say I keep him away from the oven for a reason! I’m only kidding I love him dearly and sometimes he gives great perspective after I’ve been starring at the cake for far too long to be objective.

    Whatever you use your spatula for remember to enjoy your baking and to have a little fun in those stressful moments late at night.