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  1. We've all been there, it's getting close to our child's birthday and the thought of throwing a party fills us with dread. Organising a children's party is hard work when you're doing it alone, you will find the costs mount up and the stress levels rise just as fast. What you need is a company who does it all for you, then you simply send out the invites and call in a pizza or some ready made food for after the main event. 

    Last night's Apprentice on BBC1 see the two teams organise and run children's birthday parties. Despite one team winning I feel it was an epic fail on both teams for many reasons, the first being they had huge budgets but seemed to not provide very much for it. The parent's all looked very stressed and when you're paying £2000 for a child's party it's really not how it should be. 

    What they should have done is come to see me and book in for a cupcake party, not only is it just a fraction of the cost but you get so much for the money too. A parent doesn't need to worry at all as I provide everything they need to have the best birthday party for their child. 

    Our party packages include: 

    Cupcakes for the children to decorate, 

    Aprons and hats for the children to wear during the class

    All the ingredients needed to make the cupcake decorations and icing

    Tools to help them produce show stopping cupcake toppers. 

    Full instruction by a professional cake designer on how to turn their cupcakes into something awesome. 

    A fun box decorating activity that lets the children show off their artistic flair. 

    A certificate to prove they are now one of my budding bakers and can decorate their cakes just like me

    Hand outs to take home with not only top secret tips for them to use but some wonderful recipes to try too. 

    Parent's love the parties I provide and I have had many mums go on to visit me for a class for themselves. The parties give a great introduction to cake decorating and better still is a stress free, mess free way to host your childs birthday party. I bring everything with me and I clean up and take it all away too. 

    On last night's Apprentice the teams didn't have a clue on how to host the party, with children looking like they were not having fun and paren't feeling like hey were forever handing over more money. With my children's birthday parties you simply choose the package you want and once it's paid you can forget about it all until the day when i take care of it all. 

    The teams last night were providing very poor party bags and charging £10 each with my party package there is no need for party bags, each child takes home their cupcakes to tuck into and a certificate and bundle of recipes and top secret tips which will be much more exciting for them than a glow bracelet or a party blower. 

    The majority of parent's just want a stress free solution to a children's birthday party where everything is provided under one price and without any extra costs. So for your child's next birthday party give me a call and let me take care of it all. 

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