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  1. The dreaded 'C' word will soon be upon us and like it or not our customers have been thinking about it already. You need to be ahead of the game and promoting your product offerings early enough to secure those sales before someone else does. 

    Now you can go about this many ways, with offers of big money off, vouchers to give discounts similar ideas but here are my favourite way's to do things which have worked for many years not only for myself but for my student's and their businesses too. 

    1. Never discount your products heavily - you are approaching one of the potentially busiest times of the year, you do not want to be working more for less money at the end of it. 

    Instead of discounting your products look at how you can encourage future purchases, for example " Free £5 OFF voucher with every box of cupcakes purchased in November" This won't give them an immediate discount so you're still getting paid well but the discount voucher will entice them back in to buy from you again. REMEMBER to add terms to the voucher that stipulate they spend over £30 and can only use one voucher per order too or you'll find yourself working for pennies or even free in the near future. 

    2. Solve a problem - You'll often see online stores posting photo's of their seasonal products with text next to it, you won't necessarily have noticed the importance of the text but it's critical to the marketing strategy. It will be telling the customer how their product solves a problem and it's a sure fire way to entice them in. For example, You have your cupcake bouquets in the photo and the text would read - " The perfect gift for the woman who has everything" or "Get on Santa's good list by buying the gift everyone want's this year" Both of those lines would appeal to a male audience as they often find shopping for their female relatives stressful and highlighting what a good product they are for these sort of people will help them make that move to click and buy. 
    A female audience will respond to other influences, teachers gifts are a good one and table centre pieces are another. Both are something the woman of the house usually needs to organise and they often are stumped as to what to buy. Highlight that your products are good for this reason and the sale is almost there. " Wow your guests with a table centrepiece they can tuck into for dessert!" not forgetting " The perfect gift to say thank you to your children's teacher this festive season" 
    Simply putting " Teachers gifts, 3 cupcakes £10!" does nothing for most people and is often overlooked. 

    3. Block out your diary - Now this one isn't going to be obvious to most people but at this time of year it's often easy to forget to give yourself some well needed downtime. If you work a second job alongside your business or you have small children and other commitments you will have times you cannot work. By blocking them out in your diary now you'll be able to easily see when you're free to work on festive orders. 
    Once you have the time you cannot work blocked out it's time to get organised. Plan your products that you will be offering and then look at your timings for each product you'll need to allow time to make them as well as to deliver them or for collections. Decide which you will be offering and then block in times for those into your diary too. It will help you not over book yourself and if you're out on a delivery then you can plan to have someone at home to hand over a collection and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. 

    Precision planning of your time for the festive season will be key to maximising your time - there's nothing worse than being totally rushed off your feet trying to earn your Christmas bonus, only to crash and burn after and not enjoy the big day yourself. 

    So those are my first three top tips for boosting your business in the festive period, I shall be back soon with more little gems to help you on your way. For now get planning that perfect marketing with the problem solving text and offers which will keep them coming back for more but not at the expense of your Christmas earnings. I'm sure just using these three tips you will have a much less stressful season. 

    If you would like me to discuss more business tips drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll consider those when doing my next blog or Facebook live session. 

    Thank you for reading and I'll see you again soon! 

    Shelly x