Online Cupcake Bouquet Course

Amazing cupcake bouquets by Shelly Baker


In a few simple steps, I can help you produce lifelike impressive cupcake bouquets, which will increase your turnover dramatically as they are cost effective to produce, plus because they are such an impressive gift you can charge a premium price. 

NOW JUST £20 !

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Cupcake Bouquet course with Shelly Baker

I'd been slaving away over celebration cakes for years and never made the money I dreamed of when I embarked on running my own business. 

As soon as I changed away from doing the smaller celebration cakes in exchange for making cupcake bouquets I turned my business around and vastly increased my income. 

Not only are the bouquets impressive they are super fast to make in comparison to a celebration cake, with most bouquets taking just 40 minutes once the cupcakes are baked. Most of my celebration cakes would take around 4 hours. 

The best bit is I would make double the profit from a bouquet! 

If you are not in business and looking to learn how to make impressive gifts for friends and family then this is the course for you. 
I will never tire of the reaction these bouquets get on each delivery, quite often they are mistaken for real flowers.

They are always the talking point of any event. 

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The perfect gift idea for all occasions

The course comprises of the following items 

A video tutorial - start and stop the tutorial to your hearts content as once you have downloaded it, it's yours to keep forever. Watch it over and over on any device as it is compatible for phones and tablets too. 

A supplies and tips document - detailed information on everything you will need and where I purchase my own stock which I can assure you is the best value too. 

Finally one of the most useful parts of this course is the Online help group - It's a great place to meet other like minded bakers who are making beautiful bouquets and having fun swapping ideas every day. It's a very supportive group they often send orders to each other when they're busy too. 

I have been teaching cake decorating for over 7 years now and the one thing I pride myself most on is making the most detailed and impressive cakes very simple to learn and easy to execute. 

I break each part down into bite size chunks, once you put that together with my top tips and the online help group, you really are set up for success. 

As always I'd rather let my student's tell you what they think. 

Hayley Bailey - Iced To Go, I purchased Shelly's online course back in December 16, a little Christmas present to myself. I had tried other methods of bouquets before but can honestly say I was never 100% happy with the end result. This course has completely transformed my bouquets, responses from customers are that they look like real bouquets. I would highly recommend investing both the money and time. It's definitely increased my output. My home based baking company is based in Hadleigh, is one of my recent bouquets, which I love. Thank you Shelly.

Emma Jones from Birmingham UK,  My husband bought the course for my birthday as I'm an avid home baker but I really struggle with the decorative side of things. 

I can safely say that isn't an issue any more, each part of the bouquet is so easy to follow, that I'm now making bouquets for every birthday party and my friends are now asking me to make them for their friends. 

I'm pregnant with my second baby now and considering this as an alternative to going back to work after my maternity leave.

Mabusi From Dagenham UK, Your customer service is outstanding, thank you. I can't wait to get started with the course. 

Susan Winslow Swindon UK,  I've enjoyed baking as a hobby for a while and really liked the look of your bouquets but had no idea how to make them. I really enjoyed the online tutorial. I've ordered my supplies and I am looking forward to having a go. Thank you so much.

Sally-Anne Highworth UK 
I first met Shelly approximately 3 years when I did her Shabby Chic decorating course so when the opportunity to purchase her Bouquet course video came up, I leapt at the chance! Very clear instructions which I found easy to follow (the suppliers' list incredibly useful too). The first day I made my practice bouquets and added them to my FB page resulted in 3 orders - 2 for the bouquets and one for a local event. Still early days but loving the response I am still getting to the bouquets. So if you are still wavering about whether or not to buy the course, do it! You really won't regret it.  

Emma Mabine, Manchester UK

I bought the course on the day it was released, despite it being over the Christmas holiday I managed to get supplies in just a few days. I have since made up two bouquets, which have got me 11 orders all within the next month. I couldn't cope with making 11 celebration cakes, these bouquets are great. Not only do I save time, I'm making much more money than before. Thank you Shelly I can't tell you how this has changed things for my family. 

I know how hard it is to invest in new skills and I wanted to make this something that everyone can enjoy. 
So I have priced this course at just £20 Which is almost half the cost of a bouquet itself and this is my gift to you. 
I want to share my skills with as many people as I can and help you see you can achieve great results with the right help. 
I can't wait to see you on the course so I can help you make beautiful cupcake bouquets too. 

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