Business related courses


 It takes just a few ingredients to bake a cake, it takes a whole lot more to build a profitable business. 

In my new business related courses I give you the inside knowledge on how to turn your business into a brand and get those sales. 


Jennifer Dockter The Farmers Wife Cakes

"Shelly’s course has been amazing for my business. Her straight forward and helpful professional advice is just what I needed. Definitely a must for all cakers!"

Trudy Burgess Trudylicious Cupcakes

"I've just found the time to actually finish the course and wanted to say, thank you so much Shelly Baker. I have found this course so valuable not only for all the information and tips you have shared but also for making me believe I CAN do this and giving me the tools to forge ahead. I wish you every success for all your future candidates, I’m sure they will grow and flourish like the rest of us."