Add on flower course

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This new course will help you bring a whole new look to your cupcake bouquets and piped flowers in general. 

The four new designs have all been designed to help you keep your bouquets quick to produce and still give the impression of real flowers too. 

The course is set over individual videos for each flower style enabling you to choose the ones you want to practice on the day and skip the others until you are ready. It also means if you need to, you can watch them again as and when needed as often as you like. 

These videos have been shot up close and right in on the action so you won't miss anything. 

As you can see from the bouquets shown on this page the new flowers work well as a whole new style of bouquet as well as additional flower styles for the old style bouquets. They keep the look of your bouquets fresh and help you adapt the bouquet for all occasions.