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Cupcake Classes F & Q's

I have never made a cupcake before which class should I pick? Our classes are for both beginners and intermediate cupcake designers you will find yourself comfortable in all the classes labelled as both beginners and intermediate. We do offer more detailed classes which are for intermediate levels specifically so these are best left until you have tried one of other classes first. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us direct and we will try to advise you.

What will I learn and are there any discounts if I book more than one class? We will teach you the skills and techniques to reproduce the designs over and over when you return home. Due to our classes being competitively priced in comparison to many other UK classes we are unable to offer a discount for multiple bookings. Please note that everything you will need for the class is included and not all classes do this, many have hidden costs such as equipment. 

How much are your classes? Our classes vary in price but start at £90. Times will vary from course to course in the hope that we will offer times to suit all.

What do I need to bring with me? We provide everything you need including aprons. All you need to bring with you is a packed lunch. We will break for a short lunch interval, so we suggest you bear this in mind when packing food for the day. 

I haven’t been to a class since school. How big are they? Classes are held in small groups with a maximum attendance of 6 students to give you as much one to one attention as possible. We believe you learn best when in smaller groups as you are able to ask more questions and get more hands on learning when you need it. We don't teach from afar and you will be hands on learning at all times.

How can I pay? Payment is taken in full on booking for all classes and bouquets. This can be done using all major credit or debit cards, paypal, cash in person (at the time of booking, not at the class or on delivery of goods) or via bank transfer. Please remember if you havent paid your class fee or paid for your product, your order will not be secured until you do. 

I can't come to the class now as something’s come up, what can I do? If after booking your class you are unable to attend, we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund for any reason. If you would like someone to attend in your absence we will need their full name and email information 24 hours before the class commences in order for us to send the full class details.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a class you are booked to attend, we will offer an alternative date which is suitable to you. In the unfortunate event that we are unable to find a date to suit you, we will refund you the full purchase price paid for your class. Our liability is limited to this sum (the cost you paid for the class). By purchasing a class, you accept that our liability is limited to the cost of the class place (the cost you paid at the time of booking) and you cannot make a claim for costs of other arrangements you may have made in order to attend a class whatever they may be.  For the avoidance of doubt, this

includes costs of transportation, accommodation or anything else.

I want to teach cake decorating courses, can I share the skills I have been taught?

You are welcome to teach your own designs using the skills you are taught however we do not give permission to teach any of our own designs or structures at any time. Permission is given solely to produce the cakes yourself for sale but not to teach them. If any student is found to be doing so at any time legal action and damanges will be sought. 

Each of our designs including the bouquets were formed over long periods of time with much investment both financially and time wise, it would be both disrespectful and unprofessional for any person to take those designs or bouquets and then teach them. 

The methods and designs taught by Shelly Baker were developed by and are unique to her (Mrs Bakers Cake School), and remain the ​intellectual property of Shelly Baker/Mrs Bakers Cake School both before and after their transmission to her students. You may employ this knowledge for your own personal baking and/or business baking, but may not impart the knowledge provided by Shelly Baker to others, whether for profit or non-profit purposes. Failure to adhere to this requirement constitutes infringement of the intellectual property rights of Shelly Baker/ Mrs Bakers Cake School and will expose any unauthorized user to both injunction and financial liability. 

Do you offer classes with baking included? Currently we do not offer a class with baking included. However we do supply a full starter pack with recipes and hints and tips to help you create the perfect cupcake.

I would like to buy a class for a friend can i do this? Yes we can either take the class booking for you if you know which class date would suit them.

I'm not local how do i find you? Do you have parking? Once your class is booked please see our FIND US page which gives details on how to find us and links to a google map that will show you exactly where we are. Should you have any further questions please get in touch. 

Do you do classes for children? Sorry all of our classes are for those aged 16+ unless stated.

Can i smoke whilst at the class? Sorry I run this business from home where my children live so we have no smoking at all times on the property.

Do you have any pets, as I have an allergy? Yes we have a cat, who is not allowed in the studio area where our classes are hosted.

Should you have a complaint at any time, please refer to our internal complaints procedure. 

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